Wedgetail Campers

How the Wedgetail minimises environmental impacts:

  • A lot less fuel is used with a slide on camper compared to towing a camper trailer.

  • Less track damage is likely on unmade tracks compared to a vehicle towing a trailer.

  • The shower and sink. Because the shower is at tray top height it is easy to collect the soapy water either in a bucket or in an under tray grey water tank for disposal well away from water courses and other sensitive areas. The same applies to sink water.

  • Hoses connected between outlets for the sink and shower and the grey water tank.

  • The toilet. This is a big problem at some camp sites. Black water processed with environmentally friendly products can significantly reduce this environmental impact.

  • Landfill of products at the end of their useful life cycle is a major problem. This product is substantially constructed of aluminium and is highly recyclable.

  • You can do many other things to reduce environmental impacts. Why not get an under-tray storage box to keep your rubbish in until a suitable place is available? Utes work well for this. It keeps the rubbish together and well away from everything else. If you took it in then take it out - leave nothing behind.