Wedgetail Campers

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During the first half of our amazing trip we tagged along with two other vehicle set ups.

It's natural to compare the different configurations and it became harder to keep the smug look off my face as the changing weather conditions took their toll on other surrounding campers. Our overhead shelter provided ample dry space to sit and cook when using the exterior kitchen. Great for those mornings with heavy condensation and not one drop of moisture inside either. Having the choice to use the cooker inside on freezing mornings, was also magic.

Smug with the diesel heater. Oh yes, I surely was.

Smug with the hot water, yep, definitely.

Other campers were particularly impressed with the dust free compartments and interior. All were envious of our inner spring mattress and shower/toilet room.

Australia's Big Sky country with a vastness that can intimidate appeared to be the Wedgetail's favourite space. We felt as though we were soaring above the red dust, sand, mud and clay pans.

- Warwick and Sam