Wedgetail Campers

Designed and Built in Australia for Australian Conditions

The Wedgetail slide on camper is built tough from aluminium on 4 longitudinal 60 X 40 box section beams. The cross bearers are of the same material - all welded together.

The rest of the camper is welded extensively and bonded and riveted as required, including the internal cabinets. This creates an immensely strong yet light cross braced structure. Aluminium is the overwhelming material of choice for most Aussies looking for a tough, rugged little boat. "Tinnies" get pounded through choppy seas and on the backs of trailers. Aluminium is very light and when well designed IT LASTS.

The slide on camper takes one person 8 minutes to open and 9 minutes to close. This is a little longer than some units however there is a lot more space inside and the features of the Wedgetail make camping a more comfortable experience. These times include opening and stowing the stairs and fixing/removing the stair handrail. The ensuite shower unit and safari (fly) roof open and close automatically as part of the sequence and are included in the times stated. The ensuite unit is off the ground. There is no mud or debris to clear off before packing. These times are approximate and assume some practice. Faster times could be achieved by a couple working together.

For full specifications and prices, please see the attached files. If you are unable to download these files, please contact us and we will mail them to you.