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5 steps you must take before choosing a slide on camper

Looking for a camper guide to help navigate the overwhelming amount of research you need to do before buying a camper?

Too often than not, potential buyers will spend months, if not years researching for the right camper, only to give up on their dream to travel Australia without the hindrance of a caravan or trailer.

When choosing the perfect camper, there are so many variables to consider. This means that it’s really only you who can decide what’s the right touring set up for you.

To assist you along your journey, we have created a 5-step camper guide to help you make the right decisions each step of the way.

Step 1

Establish your needs

This is not just about the camper. It’s about the destinations you’ll go to (different terrains), the time you spend away (food and water capacity) and the vehicle that will get you there.

​We’ve developed a questionnaire to help you prioritise your needs. And present a more transparent snapshot of what your ideal camper looks like.

Step 2

Lets do some maths

Working out your total Gross Vehicle Mass is key to ensuring your car and camping set-up is safe for travel.

It’s important to remember every kilo counts here. Of course, this will take some time gathering the information on everything in your ‘needs list’.

Using a vehicle mass checklist (like the one we have provided) will make this step a breeze.

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Step 3

Make a vehicle short list

You may already have a vehicle suitable for a slide on. Or perhaps when you bought it, you didn’t intend to pop a camper on the back. Or you may be in the market to trade in or start afresh.

In a way, choosing a vehicle needs to have Steps 1 and 2 thrown back into the mix. Many vehicles out there can be made suitable for the task of carrying a slide on camper – but some stand clear above the rest.

  1. Mazda BT50 Freestyle Pre-September 2020 – offering a great payload in cab chassis format and the added benefit of the cabin space. Coupled with a 300kg suspension upgrade, this is a capable machine. Our prediction is the newer model will not be as appealing as it no longer has the extra seat.

  2. Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Single Cab – everybody loves a Landcruiser, right? It is why there are so many aftermarket upgrades available to make this Ute so appealing. Not to mention almost every mechanic in the country knows how to fix them.

  3. Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Dual Dab with Chassis Extension – for the same reasons above, but with the extra seating space it’s a win-win.

  4. Ford Ranger Space Cab – for the same reasons as the Mazda listed above. They’re almost the same vehicle, but the Mazda variant is slightly lighter.


Some other noteworthy mentions.

  1. Mercedes G300 – Massive payload in an off-road ready truck.

  2. Iveco Daily 4X4 – Available in single and dual cab, huge payload and built to do the hard work.

  3. Isuzu NPS 75/155 – Massive 7.5 tonne GVM and like the Toyota Landcruiser, nearly every mechanic in regional and outback areas knows how to fix them.

Is information-overload starting to make this look too difficult? It’s completely understandable, that’s why we’re here.

Step 4

Compare your options

This is where we get down to the nitty-gritty. Do the campers you’re considering meet your needs?

When Wedgetail Campers started, there were no more than a handful of manufacturers. Now there are over 40 and counting.

The best thing you can do is consider the features you want and need, and then compare which are available in each of the models on your shortlist.

Step 5

Come visit us!

It’s time to visit our HQ and get a feel for the range of campers, and how they compare your steps 1 through to 4 with the features on offer.

It’s important at this stage to get a feel for the after-sales support and staff. It’s these details that often mean the difference between many happy years of trouble-free travelling versus a less pleasant experience.

Visit us and bring along your completed 5 step documents, and secure $1500 off your Wedgetail 22 Camper.

Next Steps

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