Wedgetail Campers
Go Anywhere in Comfort

The Wedgetail slide on camper is built tough with a small profile to go anywhere. The interior is spacious, has many large windows and is well ventilated.

Many of the features of the Wedgetail, including the stove, fridge, shower, toilet and numerous storage areas, can be used both from inside and outside the camper. So in nice warm weather you can be where you want to be - outside! On the other hand, if you're in a blizzard or in a desert at night, you can be enjoying the warmth of the powerful heater while reading a book or preparing a meal.

Wedgetail Campers

The Wedgetail features an inner-spring queen sized mattress. Users commonly report set-up times as low as 8 minutes and pack-up times slightly longer at around 10 minutes.

The camper is designed to fit single and extra cab utes. Most dual cab utes require either a chassis extension or for the camper to be fitted onto a trailer.

Wedgetail Campers are designed and manufactured in Newcastle, Australia.

Demonstration Video

The following video demonstrates the features and set-up process of Wedgetail campers. Please note that the Wedgetail slide on camper featured in this video from 2009 does not include the optional space heater. New Wedgetails have an additional space suitable for storing a generator and come with an improved handrail.

A newer extended version of this video is available on the gallery page.

Magazine Reviews

4X4 Australia and Overlander 4WD magazines have reviewed Wedgetail Campers. They have kindly given us permission to place their reviews here.

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Review: 4x4 Magazine

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Review: Overlander Magazine

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