Time to explore with the

Hawk Camper

Looking to get yourself into a rugged camping set up without breaking the bank?

The Hawk’s beauty lies within its simplicity.

The Hawk by Wedgetail Campers offers you a straightforward, functional, and lightweight canopy styled option suitable for weekend trips, full-blown touring or for the serious four-wheel driver.

There’s not much better than pulling up to camp after a massive day of exploring and as fast as you can say Hawk, your camp is set up! Forget struggling with tent poles, or looking for pegs, just undo the two simple clips to allow your bed to fold down and that’s it! Pull up your camp chair and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Hawk Camper, Wedgetail Campers

Basic package starting

from $12,249

Strong yet lightweight

The Hawk’s customisable base makes it the ideal entrance to the Wedgetail range, our team of camping and 4wding experts are able to ensure that your package suits your needs, ute and budget. Using separate module combinations, the package is available in four different sizes and configurations to ensure it fits perfectly snug on your tray.

As with all Wedgetail Campers products, the Hawk is proudly manufactured in Australia. The strong yet lightweight lift-off canopy style unit is a frameless design, using special profile folded 2.5mm aluminium and finished in a premium Kevlar paint, this is made to last.

Hawk Camper, Wedgetail Campers

Key features & Dimensions

  • Extra storage options are available
  • Fully customisable module design
  • Lightweight assembly
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Australian built with 2.5mm aluminium
  • Coated with an Australian made polyurethane and kevlar compound to help protect the canopy from anything you can throw at it.


  • Available in 1.65 metres, 1.8 metres, 2 metres and 2.2 metres lengths


  • Standard height of 1.05 metres or 1.2 metres with the additional undercarriage storage option.


  • Width is 1.8 metres


  • Standard 1.8 metre option has a dry weight of 185kg. Please contact us for the weight of our other camper size options.
Hawk Camper, Wedgetail Campers


“We’re delighted! After searching for two years for a camper that would suit our needs, we discovered Wedgetail Campers.

We couldn’t be happier – anyone who’s considering a Wedgetail, just do it, you won’t regret it.”

Tony & Diane, owners of #141

See why the Hawk Camper is right for you.

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