Make new memories with the

Wedgetail HT

The camper that doesn’t let you compromise on convenience and comfort.

Carefully designed for the modern adventure-seeker

If you are a modern adventurer and determined traveller, our Wedgetail HT Camper has been designed with you in mind. The design accommodates more convenience and accessibility, redefining travel in a mobile home and giving you one less thing to worry about when setting up. But don’t let the simple design fool you, this camper is more reliable and built to face those rugged Australian lands in the outback…Some might say, a military touch with at home comfort.

With the Wedgetail HT, you’re not tied down to a single location. Embrace the freedom to roam and change scenery without sacrificing comfort – after all, you’re carrying around the comforts of home with you.

Your next great adventure is just a turn of the wheel away!

Wedgetail HT Camper, Wedgetail Campers

What’s different about the Wedgetail HT?

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or full-time traveller, tailor your journey to your preferences with the Wedgetail HT. No more worrying about booking flights, or continuous packing and unpacking, your camper is your self-contained oasis, always ready for an impromptu getaway without the hassles of towing a van.

Wedgetail HT Camper, Wedgetail Campers
Wedgetail HT Camper, Wedgetail Campers

The Wedgetail is proudly manufactured in Australia, designed to suit our landscape. The layout allows for greater accessibility and simplified opening procedure, meaning it’s less time setting up and more time enjoying the scenery.

Wedgetail HT Camper, Wedgetail Campers

The Wedgetail HT Camper is the home you can take anywhere. With many customisable features and an optimised design, you will find excuses to hit the road again and again for your next adventure. Our Wedgetail HT promises travellers convenience, accessibility and practically, making it the perfect companion for their next holiday. Similar to its counterpart, the Wedgetail 22 , the Wedgetail HT is 70kg lighter. Its streamlined design minimises drag, is safer on road (resulting in reduced wear on your vehicle) and allows more freedom of travel.

Wedgetail HT Camper, Wedgetail Campers

Despite its modest size, the interior is a marvel of space efficiency, ingeniously configured to provide a cozy sleeping area, functional kitchenette, and clever storage compartments. Like our Wedgetail 22 camper, the Wedgetail HT has customisable features. So, you can truly make this camper your own.

Wedgetail HT Camper, Wedgetail Campers

Basic package starting

from $54,199

Customisable features, tailored to you

Not every traveller is the same, and therefore not every camper should be. That’s why the Wedgetail HT comes with features and designs that can be customised to suit you. 

We offer FREE routine maintenance and structural warranty for 12 years for your Wedgetail HT, so that you can be confident to enjoy your camper for many adventures to come. 

Experience the liberation of simplicity, the joy of unburdened travel, and the thrill of discovering the world anew with our Wedgetail Camper. 

Wedgetail HT Camper, Wedgetail Campers

Key features

The Wedgetail HT Camper is the camper you didn’t know you needed. Lighter and more minimalistic than the Wedgetail 22, the Wedgetail HT doesn’t compromise on quality or design. The Wedgetail HT is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a lifestyle that fosters exploration, chase the sun during colder months and seek cooler locations in the heat of summer. It’s a haven for you regardless of the weather outside.


  • 85 litre Bushman upright fridge.
  • Stainless steel sink with flexible mixer tap.
  • Trauma ultra rapid hot water system 14 litre storage. Housed with gas leak detector.
  • Kitchen storage tubs. 6x clear 15 litre and 3 heavy duty 23 litre trays.
  • LPG dual bottle regular and line to bayonet connection in kitchen.
  • Inside shower facilities with quick detach shower wall.


  • High density foam mattress – queen size.


  • 105Ah AGM deep cycle battery and high output DC2DC charger.


  • LED lighting inside and out, including orange for anti-insect mode, flexible reading lights and ensuite LED.

Download the features & pricing guide here

Looking for a smaller design?

Have a look at our Hawk Camper. Alternatively, if you are looking for a larger design, check out our Wedgetail 22 Camper.

Our Wedgetail HT Camper is the ultimate road trip companion!

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