All in one, a Slide on Camper &

Camper Trailer

Looking to enjoy the benefits of a simple yet comfortable Wedgetail Camper set up for your holidays, but have a wagon or need your ute tray for work?

The Wedgetail Camper Trailer is the perfect solution for you.

Keep your existing ride

You can enjoy all the benefits of our industry leading campers whilst keeping your existing ride! Imagine the convenience and benefits of a slide on camper with the flexibility of a slide on trailer. The Wedgetail Slide on Camper and Trailer gives you the chance to be completely flexible with your camping set up.

Camper Trailer, Wedgetail Campers

Step up your camping game

Taking the family away for a week or weekend? Pop the slide on camper on top of the trailer and reap the benefits of extra storage, and additional built-in water tanks.

Going on a quick weekend trip away with mates? Or looking to keep your set-up as simple as possible? Easy! Pop the camper directly on your tray and you’re ready to go.

Whilst the Wedgetail Camper Trailer is designed to carry the camper pod, the pod is easy to remove to free up your trailer for other uses such as work, moving houses or a run to the tip.

The perfect set-up for your next adventure, no matter what it may be, exists! And we’ve made it easy for you to get your hands on.

Key features

  • Independent offroad suspension
  • Electric brakes
  • Hot dipped Galvanised body
  • Heavy-duty stone guard
  • Freshwater storage
  • Greywater storage
  • Anderson plugs connections to charge your camper pod from your vehicle
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Storage for Maxtrax, and other 4wd recovery gear
  • A large storage box on the drawbar
  • Short or long drawbar depending on your preference
  • Many other options
Camper Trailer, Wedgetail Campers


“Owning a Wedgetail allows me to get away to more remote locations to go birdwatching.

“There’s nothing better than waking up to hear the dawn chorus of birdsong and then watch the sunrise from a comfortable bed (with a view!)”

Lynne, owner of #103

Ready to step up your camping game?

Find the perfect set-up for your next adventure, with Wedgetail Campers. 

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