Adventure into the
great outdoors with the

Wedgetail 22 Camper

The Wedgetail 22 is the ultimate answer to the age-old question “what is the ideal camping setup”.

Built for the rugged Australian outdoors

Offering you the best parts of functionality, capability, and comfort, the Wedgetail 22 is completely Australian made, allowing you to roam anywhere, at any time.

Built for the rugged Australian outdoors, the Wedgetail 22 has what it takes to tackle tough 4wding and touring during the day. Combined with the added luxuries such as a queen-sized bed, fridge and cooking utilities, your camp is set for the night. Tried and tested in the Australian outback over the last decade, you simply can’t stop the Wedgetail slide on camper.

What sets the Wedgetail 22 out from the rest?

It’s simple! Where else can you get the creature comforts of home including an inner spring, foam bed, inside and outside access for cooking, a complete 12v set up and so much more! The functional and easy to use design allowing inside and outside access is perfect for all weather conditions.

Wedgetail 22 Camper, Wedgetail Campers
Wedgetail 22 Camper, Wedgetail Campers

The unique side fold action and rear tailgate design allows the Wedgetail 22’s internal volume to be significantly larger than competitors!

Wedgetail 22 Camper, Wedgetail Campers

To ensure that you have the maximum living space we have developed an industry leading outward folding pole structure to increase ceiling height and create a homely and well-ventilated space.

Wedgetail 22 Camper, Wedgetail Campers

Travel in comfort without the hassle of towing a caravan or large camper trailer along behind you. Weighing in at just over 400 kilograms, you certainly won’t be needing to go out and buy a monster truck just to travel.

Wedgetail 22 Camper, Wedgetail Campers

Ready to go package starting

from $61,629

Fully customisable.

We understand that each customer’s needs and tastes vary from the next. This is why we start building the Wedgetail 22 from the base model. From there, we can fully customise and build to the specifications of each customer and their vehicle.

Regardless of the level of complexity your Wedgetail 22 ends up being, we offer both FREE routine maintenance and structural warranty for 12 years, giving you peace of mind that your adventurous new camper has what it takes!

Wedgetail 22 Camper, Wedgetail Campers

Key features

The Wedgetail 22 Camper is the ultimate slide on camper. With full customisation and functionality, the Wedgetail has everything you need to camp, and then some.


  • A queen sized bed, foam or innerspring.


  • Inside and outside access, including fridge and cooking.
  • 2 Burner cooktop with grill.
  • Plenty of water storage and hot water system.

Volume & Height :

  • Larger internal volume than any other Slide on Camper.
  • High ceilings and walkways.
  • Stairway access.


  • 100AH AGM battery with DC-to-DC charger.


  • LED tri-colour dimmable lighting (White and Antibug mode).
  • Huge windows give 360-degree views and ventilation.


  • Pressurised cabin to keep the bull dust out.

Download the features & pricing guide here

Wedgetail 22 Camper, Wedgetail Campers


“We’re delighted! After searching for two years for a camper that would suit our needs, we discovered Wedgetail Campers.

“We couldn’t be happier – anyone who’s considering a Wedgetail, just do it, you won’t regret it.”

Tony & Diane, owners of #141

Looking for a camper for your next Aussie adventure?

Travel with peace of mind, with Wedgetail Campers. Contact us for more information.

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